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Below is a selection of feedback from organizations and end users who have used the Made Simple Learning video tutorials.

Complete Understanding - Simple Clear Instructions!
Reviewer: Noel Wicks - iPad and iPhone User (Australia)

Noel with his iPad

"As you can guess from my photo, at 85 I need all the help I can get with technical matters.  So I'm delighted to say that Made Simple Learning has done just that with its comprehensive tutorials. 

They've given me a complete understanding of my iPad and iPhone with simple, clear instructions.  Even my grandchildren now treat me as an equal.

 I can't think of a better way to learn how to use these two devices."

-- Noel

An iPhone Expert in a Few Days!
Reviewer: Mitch M. - Business Owner (USA)

I recently purchased an iPhone after owning a Blackberry for several years [I have also used the Blackberry Made Simple Videos as well].
I knew that after having the iPhone for a few days, it was going to be a new experience. As I use my iPhone for both business as well as personal use, I really wanted to become an expert in the quickest possible amount of time.
Well, I again made the right decision to purchase the Made Simple Videos. As always, they were well laid out with easy to follow instructions and within a few days, I have become an iPhone expert.
I highly recommend the Made Simple Learning program and commend and thank Martin for doing such a tremendous job in producing them.

I get a lot fewer questions!
Reviewer: Jeremiah - IT Manager (USA)

The Made Simple Learning training videos done really well! Having the videos right on the mobile device makes all the difference in the world. I get a lot fewer questions, and I've heard a lot of the smartphone users getting excited that they've "found" new features that are helpful to them.

Over 3,000 Users - Easy To Train!
Reviewer: Dave - Mobile Device Manager (USA)

We have just over 3,000 users worldwide. 80% of those are remote staff or not physically located in our world headquarters. Creative training options are vital to the success of our smartphone program. On-demand video offers the most flexibility for those remote personnel.

Some of my thoughts on why training videos offer more flexibility than instructor led classes, web based training or developed training material.
1. Training videos for different models on different software levels
2. Ability to view videos on mobile device or on any computer
3. Ability to view videos on one's own schedule
4. Low cost compared to effort to create own training material

Global Deployment - Easy to Manage!
Reviewer: Rich - Global Mobile Device Manager (USA)

We have several thousand mobile device users worldwide. I have had conversations with users that have used the Made Simple Learning videos and found them very helpful. Videos are a learning style that suits most folks who invest the time. Our help desk is instructed to refer training calls to the training videos. The bottom line is that if the user is willing to use your videos, he/she will find everything they need to have a successful smartphone experience.

Definitely Recommend for any Roll-out!
Reviewer: Paul P. (Tennessee, USA)

I would definitely recommend the Made Simple Learning video tutorials to anyone in a mobile IT Administrator or Technical Support role for any size company. I started out working on with 88 users. Within a year of starting this position we have moved to 250 devices and climbing. To be able to do a 150 user roll out in 7 days and easily access information on their requests with little to no wait was a great advantage. Great product, great support, and great results.

Just What I Needed!
Reviewer: Dan S. (California, USA)

The Videos are just what I needed! Short, Concise and Relevant!

The best training money I ever spent!
Reviewer: Rob M. (Canada)

The videos are the best cash I've ever spent.

"Turns on the light" for features that are not readily intuitive! (Definitely Recommend)
Reviewer: Lou (USA)

The videos were very clear and informative (4.8 Stars out of 5). I would definitely recommend these videos - even if that person had been using the smartphone for some time. There is information in the videos that "turns on the light" for features that are not readily intuitive. Even those who are computer literate may not find all the features offered by the smartphone. The support for the smartphone has been excellent. Thanks! The new tips & tricks items were so wide spread, it is hard for me to nail down exactly which pieces I picked up.

Easy to Follow...Learned A Lot (Recommend)
Reviewer: Nicky (USA)

I am finding them useful and easy to follow. I just started reviewing the videos yesterday, but have learned a lot already... I'm pleased my organization signed me up for the tutorials. I would recommend them to others.

Right Length and Simple to Understand (Definitely Recommend)
Reviewer: Bob L. (USA)

I would rate all of the videos that I have viewed as "5 star". The site is real easy to use, the videos are just the right length, and they are real simple to understand.

I would definitely recommend them to others, particularly people who have had no prior experience with smartphones or mobile devices.

Short & Sweet! (Recommend)
Reviewer: Sandy (USA)

The videos are short, sweet, and to the point. Great idea!
I would rate them a 5 of 5 stars and I would recommend them to others."

Very Easy to Follow! (Recommend)
Reviewer: B. H. (USA)

Very easy to follow, concise instructions.
I would recommend the videos to others, they are beneficial. 
I know guys love to discover, but the videos were a great map to the tools I need. I am planning on reviewing the videos again, just to refresh my memory on less used features.