BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360, 9370 training videos
The BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 devices are all about communicating, being productive and having fun - these devices offer an excellent and stylish way to stay in contact with colleagues and co-workers wherever you are. Learn to communicate effectively with the phone, email, BlackBerry Messenger, PIN and text messaging.  Stay up-to-date and keep organized with your calendar, contacts and notes.  You can even create and edit Microsoft Office documents using Documents to Go. 

NOTE ON VIDEOS:  Some videos refer to 'touching' or 'tapping' the screen.  In these videos, simply use the Curve's Trackpad to move the cursor and click where the video says 'tap' or 'touch.'  Some images of the top lock, side volume and convenience keys are metallic instead of the Curve's rubberized buttons, but they function exactly the same as shown in the video.
  • 60 BlackBerry Curve training videos
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  • Perfect for organization roll-outs or support
  • Boost productivity of mobile users immediately

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Title Description Duration
Getting Started
Auto Power On/Off & Lock ScreenPower your BlackBerry On and Off, Lock Screen and use Auto Power Off3:28
Getting Around Your BlackBerryLearn Your BlackBerry buttons, home screen, search and more.5:46
Using the Setup AppLearn the Setup Wizard and where to locate common settings.2:55
Setup Personal EmailHow to set up your personal or internet email accounts.3:53
Setup Enterprise EmailHow to activate your BlackBerry on the Enterprise Server.1:38
Transfer files using USB Drive or Mass Storage ModeTransfer files to your computer using USB Drive Mode and your USB Cable.3:17
Connect to Networks & Bluetooth
Bluetooth Headset - Setup & UseSetup and Use any Bluetooth device with your BlackBerry (Ex. Headset)2:48
Wi-Fi Setup and UseHow to connect your BlackBerry to a Wi-Fi network.3:10
Radio Off/On or Airplane ModeUse your BlackBerry when on an airplane. Also good for quick troubleshooting.1:56
Typing Tips, Copy & Paste
Universal Search / Voice SearchUsing Universal Search and Voice Search to find just about anything.4:37
Multi-Tasking with Copy & Paste (Switch Applications)Do more things at the same time (Ex: check calendar while on a call).2:38
Personalize and Secure Your Device
Customize Your Convenience KeySet your convenience key to open any app on your BlackBerry.1:51
Customize Your Home Screen & App. Shortcuts (Hot Keys)Customize Wallpaper, Make Favorites, Move Icons, Launch by Typing.5:19
How to Turn On or Off Your PasswordProtect your valuable data with a password and configure settings.3:39
Setting Your Owner InformationSet the owner information that displays when BlackBerry is locked.1:10
Security WipeHow to erase all content from your BlackBerry device.0:56
Using the Phone
Phone Basics - Call Logs, Dial by Name, Number, Dial lettersUsing the phone, calling numbers, contacts, voicemail and more.3:08
Phone and Contact RingtonesHow to change the main phone ring tone (ringer) or custom ringtone for a contact.3:05
Conference Calling & Working with a Second Caller (Hold, Resume, Join, Split)How to work with a second caller. Hold, join (conference call), split, drop and more.2:25
How to Setup, Use & Modify Speed DialHow to add or edit speed dial numbers from various places.2:58
Phone Options and SettingsCustomize your phone with options.5:00
Productivity Features (Microsoft Office)
Use Word to Go (Word)View, Edit and Send MS Word(tm) Documents (.doc, .docx)4:20
Use Sheet to Go (Excel)View, Edit and Email MS Excel(tm) Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx) 5:11
Use Slideshow to Go (PowerPoint)View, Edit and Send MS PowerPoint(tm) Presentations (.ppt, .pptx) 4:20
Working with Email
Email BasicsCompose, Send, Read and reply to email and move around your inbox. 4:19
Working with AttachmentsOpen and read email attachments. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Pictures, More).2:33
Email Search and Flag for Follow-up Use the Search Softkey to quickly find messages.3:34
Out of Office and Email SignatureSet your Out of Office Reply and Auto Signature (only for Enterprise email users).2:09
Clean Up Inbox Delete one, many or use Delete Prior to delete all old messages.1:47
Instant Messaging
Setup BBM Profile, Invite ContactsBBM Set Up, Set Profile, Status, Invite Contacts, Scan Barcode, Reply to Invites.2:30
BBM Chat, Send Files, OptionsUse BBM for chatting, send files, pictures, voice notes and set options.4:38
SMS Text Message BasicsLearn the basics of reading and sending SMS Text Messages2:23
PIN to PIN MessagingHow to send PIN to PIN messages to other BlackBerry users.2:34
Contacts and Addresses
Contacts BasicsFind contacts, instantly call, email or map addresses.3:50
Adding New ContactsTips for Adding New Contacts and adding pictures to contacts.3:39
Remote Contact LookupRemotely lookup contacts in your organization's server address list.2:49
Add New from Email & PhoneEasily add new addresses from phone call logs and email addresses.2:52
Using the Calendar
Calendar Basics and ViewsNavigate day, week, month and agenda views in your Calendar.2:48
Detailed SchedulingDetailed Scheduling and Calendar Options (Initial View)3:58
Schedule Conference CallsSchedule a Conference Call on your Calendar (Set Default Access Numbers)3:00
Invite Attendees & Check Availability(For users connected to a BlackBerry server) How to Invite people and look at their availability 2:56
Respond to Meeting InvitationsAccept, Tentatively Accept or Decline Invitations and even send Comments1:14
Browsing the Web
Web Browser BasicsWeb Browser basics: type web address, add bookmarks, tabs, history, and more.4:53
Customize, Clear Cache and ShortcutsSetting Options, Enable Browser Shortcuts, Clear Cache, Fonts and more.4:51
Sounds and Ringtones
Change RingtonesHow to change your main phone ring tone1:45
Change Sound ProfileChange how you hear or feel phone calls, ringing alarms, email, SMS and more.0:55
Customize Sound ProfilesHow to customize or fine-tune your sound profiles.2:55
Camera, Videos and Pictures
Using your CameraGet the most out of your BlackBerry camera (Zoom, Flash, Send & More)2:51
Viewing PicturesPlay Music (playlists), Videos, Ring tones, Voice Notes and view Pictures.2:50
Using your Video CameraGet the most out of your BlackBerry video camera. (Zoom, Lighting, Memory & More)3:16
Watching VideosSearch for and play videos, jump out and back in and more.2:27
Speed Up Your BlackBerryKeep your BlackBerry running at peak performance with these tips1:41
Desktop Software (was Desktop Manager)
Update Desktop SoftwareHow to locate and download the latest Desktop Software (was called Desktop Manager).1:15
Desktop Software BasicsLearning your way around the menus and icons.5:23
Switch Devices (Old > New)Transfer data from your old BlackBerry to your new one.2:47
Sync Organizer DataSetup and sync your organizer data (Contacts, Calendar, MemoPad, Tasks)5:36
Sync MediaTransfer videos, music, ringtones and pictures using Desktop Software (Wi-Fi Sync)7:11
Work with ApplicationsHow to install, add or load 3rd party software onto your BlackBerry.5:38
Update your Device SoftwareUpdate your BlackBerry to the latest version of device (operating system) software.3:47
Backup and RestoreHow to backup and restore your BlackBerry. Also, how to delete all data.6:42
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