BlackBerry Bold 9900 9930 training videos
The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 touch screen devices are all about communicating, being productive and having fun - these devices offer an excellent and stylish way to stay in contact with colleagues and co-workers wherever you are. Learn to communicate effectively with the phone, email, BlackBerry Messenger, PIN and text messaging.  Stay up-to-date and keep organized with your calendar, contacts and notes.  You can even create and edit Microsoft Office documents using Documents to Go. 
  • 60 BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 training videos
  • Deploy via browser or directly to mobile devices (Corporate license required)
  • Perfect for organization roll-outs or support
  • Boost productivity of mobile users immediately

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Title Description Duration
Getting Started
Auto Power On/Off & Lock ScreenPower your BlackBerry On and Off, Lock Screen and use Auto Power Off3:28
Getting Around Your BlackBerryLearn Your BlackBerry buttons, home screen, search and more.5:46
Using the Setup AppLearn the Setup Wizard and where to locate common settings.2:55
Setup Personal EmailHow to set up your personal or internet email accounts.3:53
Setup Enterprise EmailHow to activate your BlackBerry on the Enterprise Server.1:38
Transfer files using USB Drive or Mass Storage ModeTransfer files to your computer using USB Drive Mode and your USB Cable.3:17
Connect to Networks & Bluetooth
Bluetooth Headset - Setup & UseSetup and Use any Bluetooth device with your BlackBerry (Ex. Headset)2:48
Wi-Fi Setup and UseHow to connect your BlackBerry to a Wi-Fi network.3:10
Radio Off/On or Airplane ModeUse your BlackBerry when on an airplane. Also good for quick troubleshooting.1:56
Typing Tips, Copy & Paste
Universal Search / Voice SearchUsing Universal Search and Voice Search to find just about anything.4:37
Multi-Tasking with Copy & Paste (Switch Applications)Do more things at the same time (Ex: check calendar while on a call).2:38
Personalize and Secure Your Device
Customize Your Convenience KeySet your convenience key to open any app on your BlackBerry.1:51
Customize Your Home Screen & App. Shortcuts (Hot Keys)Customize Wallpaper, Make Favorites, Move Icons, Launch by Typing.5:19
How to Turn On or Off Your PasswordProtect your valuable data with a password and configure settings.3:39
Setting Your Owner InformationSet the owner information that displays when BlackBerry is locked.1:10
Security WipeHow to erase all content from your BlackBerry device.0:56
Using the Phone
Phone Basics - Call Logs, Dial by Name, Number, Dial lettersUsing the phone, calling numbers, contacts, voicemail and more.3:08
Phone and Contact RingtonesHow to change the main phone ring tone (ringer) or custom ringtone for a contact.3:05
Conference Calling & Working with a Second Caller (Hold, Resume, Join, Split)How to work with a second caller. Hold, join (conference call), split, drop and more.2:25
How to Setup, Use & Modify Speed DialHow to add or edit speed dial numbers from various places.2:58
Phone Options and SettingsCustomize your phone with options.5:00
Productivity Features (Microsoft Office)
Use Word to Go (Word)View, Edit and Send MS Word(tm) Documents (.doc, .docx)4:20
Use Sheet to Go (Excel)View, Edit and Email MS Excel(tm) Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx) 5:11
Use Slideshow to Go (PowerPoint)View, Edit and Send MS PowerPoint(tm) Presentations (.ppt, .pptx) 4:20
Working with Email
Email BasicsCompose, Send, Read and reply to email and move around your inbox. 4:19
Working with AttachmentsOpen and read email attachments. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Pictures, More).2:33
Email Search and Flag for Follow-up Use the Search Softkey to quickly find messages.3:34
Out of Office and Email SignatureSet your Out of Office Reply and Auto Signature (only for Enterprise email users).2:09
Clean Up Inbox Delete one, many or use Delete Prior to delete all old messages.1:47
Instant Messaging
Setup BBM Profile, Invite ContactsBBM Set Up, Set Profile, Status, Invite Contacts, Scan Barcode, Reply to Invites.2:30
BBM Chat, Send Files, OptionsUse BBM for chatting, send files, pictures, voice notes and set options.4:38
SMS Text Message BasicsLearn the basics of reading and sending SMS Text Messages2:23
PIN to PIN MessagingHow to send PIN to PIN messages to other BlackBerry users.2:34
Contacts and Addresses
Contacts BasicsFind contacts, instantly call, email or map addresses.3:50
Adding New ContactsTips for Adding New Contacts and adding pictures to contacts.3:39
Remote Contact LookupRemotely lookup contacts in your organization's server address list.2:49
Add New from Email & PhoneEasily add new addresses from phone call logs and email addresses.2:52
Using the Calendar
Calendar Basics and ViewsNavigate day, week, month and agenda views in your Calendar.2:48
Detailed SchedulingDetailed Scheduling and Calendar Options (Initial View)3:58
Schedule Conference CallsSchedule a Conference Call on your Calendar (Set Default Access Numbers)3:00
Invite Attendees & Check Availability(For users connected to a BlackBerry server) How to Invite people and look at their availability 2:56
Respond to Meeting InvitationsAccept, Tentatively Accept or Decline Invitations and even send Comments1:14
Browsing the Web
Web Browser BasicsWeb Browser basics: type web address, add bookmarks, tabs, history, and more.4:53
Customize, Clear Cache and ShortcutsSetting Options, Enable Browser Shortcuts, Clear Cache, Fonts and more.4:51
Sounds and Ringtones
Change RingtonesHow to change your main phone ring tone1:45
Change Sound ProfileChange how you hear or feel phone calls, ringing alarms, email, SMS and more.0:55
Customize Sound ProfilesHow to customize or fine-tune your sound profiles.2:55
Camera, Videos and Pictures
Using your CameraGet the most out of your BlackBerry camera (Zoom, Flash, Send & More)2:51
Viewing PicturesPlay Music (playlists), Videos, Ring tones, Voice Notes and view Pictures.2:50
Using your Video CameraGet the most out of your BlackBerry video camera. (Zoom, Lighting, Memory & More)3:16
Watching VideosSearch for and play videos, jump out and back in and more.2:27
Speed Up Your BlackBerryKeep your BlackBerry running at peak performance with these tips1:41
Desktop Software (was Desktop Manager)
Update Desktop SoftwareHow to locate and download the latest Desktop Software (was called Desktop Manager).1:15
Desktop Software BasicsLearning your way around the menus and icons.5:23
Switch Devices (Old > New)Transfer data from your old BlackBerry to your new one.2:47
Sync Organizer DataSetup and sync your organizer data (Contacts, Calendar, MemoPad, Tasks)5:36
Sync MediaTransfer videos, music, ringtones and pictures using Desktop Software (Wi-Fi Sync)7:11
Work with ApplicationsHow to install, add or load 3rd party software onto your BlackBerry.5:38
Update your Device SoftwareUpdate your BlackBerry to the latest version of device (operating system) software.3:47
Backup and RestoreHow to backup and restore your BlackBerry. Also, how to delete all data.6:42
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