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The iPad with Retina display (iPad 3), iPad 2 and iPad mini are all about communicating, being productive and effective on-the-go - these devices offer an excellent and stylish way to get work done, stay in contact with colleagues and co-workers.  Master the powerful features of iOS 6 (VIP Email, Do Not Disturb, Siri, voice dictation and much more).    
  • 46 iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad mini training videos
  • Deploy via browser or directly to mobile devices
  • Perfect for organization roll-outs or support
  • Boost productivity of mobile users immediately
  • View directly on your iPad or iPad mini (Our videos listed below are compatible to be viewed directly on your device - .mp4 video format)
    Note: These videos are not compatible with the iPad 1 (first generation) as it cannot run iOS 6.

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Title Description Duration
Getting Started
Switches and ButtonsLearn Power/Lock, Home, Volume and Rotation Lock/Mute4:47
Touch Screen GesturesLearn how to tap, flick, swipe, double-tap or pinch-to-zoom2:05
Multitasking and MoreHow to multitask, close apps and use multitasking gestures3:38
Speed Up Your iPad and MemoryTips to Speed Up your iPad (Close Apps, Check Memory and Delete Apps)2:14
Update Software WirelesslyUpdate your Software OTA (over-the-air) right on your iPad2:25
Update Software with iTunesUse iTunes to update your device software and restore from backup2:42
Exploring the App StoreFind and Download both Free and Paid Apps from the App Store4:31
Connect to Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth
Wi-Fi Set Up, Use & Airplane ModeHow to connect to Wi-Fi networks and use Airplane Mode3:14
Cellular Data (3G)For 3G iPads, work with cellular data, manage usage and more.3:52
Travel TipsHow to use Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi and save money when you travel1:56
Enable and Pair BluetoothPair Bluetooth (Car, Speakers, Keyboard) and Using AirPlay2:44
Mirror Your Display with AirPlayUse the AirPlay Mirroring Feature to show your screen (iPad 2)1:58
iCloud and Account Setup
Set Up Your AccountsSet up your mail, contacts and calendar accounts on your device2:33
iCloud Sync & Backup SettingsAdjust iCloud settings, storage & backup, and buy more storage5:39
Typing on Your Device
Typing TipsWork with the split keyboard, typing tips, shortcuts, and auto-correction5:00
Using SiriHow to Get the Most out of Siri and Voice Dictation3:56
Copy / Paste and UndoCopy and paste, shake to undo and tips for underlined items3:22
Spotlight SearchHow to use spotlight search to find contacts, apps, and anything2:10
International SettingsHow to add international keyboards and switch language settings3:16
Accessibility ToolsIncrease Font Sizes, Lock In an App (Guided Control), more Accessibility4:29
Personalizing Your Device
Organize Your IconsOrganize your icons, create folders and lock icons on the Bottom Dock2:27
Change WallpaperChange your Home screen and Lock screen background images2:32
Lock Your DeviceSecure your device with a passcode or password3:10
Do Not Disturb and PrivacyUsing Do Not Disturb, Notifications, and Privacy Settings4:30
Working With Your Information
Working with ContactsMaster you Contacts list - view, sort, find, add and edit entries5:00
Adding New ContactsTips to easily add new contacts from emails, phone numbers and more3:54
Contacts SettingsChange your sort or name display order and set your default account2:13
Calendar BasicsCreate new events, invite people, view different calendars and views6:06
Productivity Features
Using NotesEliminate paper notes by using notes on your device3:25
Using RemindersUse Reminders so you never forget items3:35
Use Dropbox for File TransferShare files wirelessly with Dropbox5:43
Video Conferencing
FaceTime Video ChatCommunicate using your built-in FaceTime video chat4:11
Using Email and iMessage
Email BasicsHow to compose, send, reply, move, flag, delete, and change signatures6:32
Working with Email AttachmentsOpen and view or save email attachments5:36
Search, Move and Delete EmailSearch by To, From, and Subject and delete or move mail messages1:53
Setup and Use VIP EmailUse VIP settings to never miss an important email message3:23
Text, iMessage & Picture MessagingLearn how to text and send picture and iMessage messages4:49
Web Browsing, Read Magazines & Books
Using Safari and Reader ModeBrowse the web, set bookmarks, use Reader, and set icons6:16
Safari Settings and TipsSpeed up Safari with settings, auto-fill, clear cache / history / website data4:03
iBooks Basics and TipsUsing iBooks - navigate, define words, set bookmarks, add notes, more4:48
Using NewsstandUse Newsstand to enjoy all your periodicals (Magazines, Newspapers)2:48
Photos and Videos
Take and Edit Pictures & VideosTake pictures and videos with your Camera2:12
View Your PhotosEnjoy your photos (view, slideshow, share, email, print, delete)4:45
Using Your Picture FrameEnjoy all your photos and videos with the Picture Frame feature2:09
Copy Pictures / Screen ShotsSave pictures from the web and take screen shots of your device2:52
Finding Your Way
Find Your Way With MapsFind directions, businesses, addresses and your location (blue dot)4:37
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